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Heathrow to work with Government to deliver expanded hub airport within environmental limits

  • Heathrow has full confidence that expansion can be delivered within environmental limits
  • The Government have endorsed the independent Airports Commission who made a unanimous and unambiguous recommendation for Heathrow expansion in summer 2015
  • Heathrow has huge support both locally and nationally from business, trade unions, politicians, the UK aviation industry and is ready to deliver

Heathrow said today that it has full confidence in its new vision for expansion and pledged to work with Government to deliver Berkshire economic opportunities for local residents within tough environmental limits.

The Government’s announcement to progress Heathrow’s expansion and undertake further environmental research follows the unanimous and unambiguous recommendation of the Airports Commission this summer after a two and a half year, £20m study – the deepest ever into UK aviation capacity. The Commission confirmed expansion at Heathrow would have the biggest economic benefits for the UK and can be done while reducing noise for local communities and within EU air quality limits.

Expanding Heathrow will result in up to 70,000 local jobs including up to 41,000 new jobs at the airport alone. This represents a step change in local employment in an area with over one hundred thousand out of work. Unemployment could be cut by 50 per cent and youth unemployment in surrounding boroughs could end. Heathrow will also work with local schools and colleges to give young people the training and opportunities they need, doubling the number of apprenticeships across the airport to 10,000.

An expanded Heathrow will be the most environmentally responsible hub airport in the world and will deliver once in a generation opportunities for local communities such as new and enhanced green spaces, solutions to longstanding traffic issues around the airport and provide cutting-edge, sustainable growth.

For the first time, Heathrow will be part of an integrated transport network served by 5 railway lines and 5 motorways to North, South, East and West ensuring the airport will continue a trend that has seen passenger numbers at Heathrow double since 1991, but airport-related road traffic remain largely static.

Expansion at Heathrow is backed by regional businesses such as SEGRO, chambers of commerce including Thames Valley Chambers of Commerce and Slough Council and MP Fiona MacTaggart.

Independent polling consistently shows a majority of people in the 12 constituencies around Heathrow support expansion, with 100,000 people signed up to Back Heathrow. In 2013, Heathrow developed an entirely new proposal for expansion - an airport that was not only designed around the needs of passengers but also local communities and the environment, and an airport that will create a better place – through strategy, collaboration and good citizenship.

The starting point has been to create a vision by listening to the needs of local people to ensure expansion delivers economic growth in a sustainable way and guarantees those most impacted by expansion get the greatest benefits and are treated fairly.

Heathrow is confident its plans meet tough environmental conditions and will move into the delivery phase. The news will put in motion billions of pounds of contract opportunities for British companies, including local SMEs to deliver the largest privately financed infrastructure project in the country.

Given the significant uncertainty this process has created for local residents, Heathrow will continue to offer regular one -to-one ‘surgery sessions’ to discuss the airport’s expansion plans. In addition to these meetings, Heathrow will also undertake regular consultations with local residents.


John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport said:


“The Airports Commission announced by the Prime Minister three years ago made a unanimous and unambiguous recommendation in July for Heathrow expansion.”


“Heathrow expansion can offer Berkshire jobs, skills, training and apprenticeship opportunities while we build and after we’ve built. Most importantly, we will deliver an airport that is world-leading in environmental performance, and guarantees those most impacted by expansion get the greatest benefits and are treated fairly. Our new approach has been designed to ensure it meets UK carbon and EU air quality targets, places no more cars on the road, impacts fewer people by aircraft noise than today and offers once-in-a-generation local opportunities to reduce the risk of flooding and provide more public green spaces around the airport.”


“I am confident we can meet tough environmental standards. We will also continue to talk to all our neighbours, listen and incorporate their feedback into our plans, to ensure a new, expanded Heathrow is delivered safely, sustainably and sustainably.


“We have support locally and nationally from politicians, business, trade unions and the aviation industry for Heathrow expansion. Let’s get on and build a better future for Britain.”


Sundeep Sangha

Head of Economic Development


Heathrow Airport Limited

The Compass Centre, Nelson Road

Hounslow, Middlesex, TW6 2GW