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Online Chamber Paper has been launched


The Chamber have launched an online publication using the paper.li platform. Whilst the publication is mainly driven by twitter feeds, content can be curated directly from websites. The publication is simple to produce in a standard format and the chamber have created a twitter list of members so their content can be automatically included.

To view the publication, please visit http://chamberpaper.maidenhead.org.uk/

If you are a member, please ensure we have your twitter address by sending it to admin@maidenehead.org.uk

Advertising slots

You'll also notice the paper contains areas to advertisde your company. The chamber can offer these to members at greatly reduced rates. There are As slots within the header banner, to the right hand side of the headlines page and just below the editors note on any of the topic pages.

Videos can be included too.

Free draw for the One Twenty Club

At leaast one of the slots wil be used for a lucky winner fo the One Twenty Club to be launched early 2016.

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