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Special Interest Groups (SIGs) 


Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a simple way for members to get more from their membership whilst working with other members for mutual gain. There are no specific topical groupings for SIGs as there are many ways members can work together for common good. SIGs could form to lobby for a particular cause, build a knowledge base or generally promote their products and/or services.


For example, the chamber's first SIG has been formed by four members (including the current President Olu Odeniyi) and has been named iSIG which stands for Innovation SIG. The group will decide when to meet and what it intends to achieve over the coming weeks. Although the founding members all have technology backgrounds, membership is open to all other paid up members.

A second SIG is currently being considered by owner taxi drivers to safe guard their livelihood from Uber's advances.

Chamber Support

By keeping SIGs under the Chamber umbrella, additional support can be offered such as encouraging other members to join, approaching suppliers and/or providers with the chamber brand and lobbying other organisations. Events can be sent to the chamber database and promoted via other online media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, website, etc.

Ideas for other SIGs

  • Real Estate - help market the district as a whole or develop an app to provide a town walk through. Find new ways to utilise the chamber to support real estate in the area or inward investment.
  • Retail - promote retail in the area, lobby for certain causes (e.g. rates!), find ways to promote your businesses, lobby for parking improvements or help support the Maidenhead Town Partnership (MTP)
  • Professional services
    • Accountancy
    • Law
    • Software Development
    • Recruitment
    • Other?

Any of the above could decide to run courses supported by the chamber, produce a "FAQ Handbook" to help market their services or distribute a quarterly publication.

  • Car sales - run quarterly "showroom events" where attendees get the latest lowdown on new features and benefits for the latest models.
  • Local council - drive the chamber response to new issues such as rates.
  • The list goes on....

If you're interested in forming a SIG but are not sure how it might work, get in touch with the chamber admin@maidenehad.org.uk for more information.

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